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3com Networking Equipment

3com is a company that specialized in computer infrastructure hardware for businesses of all sizes. As a major provider of routers, wireless access points, network switches, and controllers, 3com is the ideal choice of hardware for your business solution. Consolidated Datacom uses only the best products when building your communication networks to ensure reliability and efficiency. Having a system built on industry compliant and certified products is vital for keeping a business running smoothly at all times.

3com is also one of the leading resources for security hardware in communications networks. This means that by working with Consolidated Datacom you receive the best network security available on the market. Thinking of installing or updating a Wireless or VOIP network? 3com offers industry leading hardware that can help boost both performance and reliability. Our staff of trained professionals is certified to install and update business networks using 3com hardware. This means that you can have leading hardware with comprehensive support and maintenance within two hours of speaking to one of our consultants.

Call now to find out how Consolidated Datacom can be an effective solution for your business needs using certified 3com hardware.

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