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Fiber Optic Cabling

Consolidated Datacom offer unparallel professional fiber optic cabling installation and support for business of all sizes. We are certified to install Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6e and Multi or Single mode fibers and transceivers. Our expert technicians are available for both direct technical services as well as hardware certification. We guarantee that once a network installation is complete, our project is not finished until the cable runs have been tested, labeled, and certified. This ensures that your business staff can plug in and work without worrying about the communications network.

Our services are designed to ensure that businesses run smoothly and more efficiently than ever before, and we guarantee that your business is no exception. We use only top of the line certified and standard compliant fiber optic cabling hardware, and offer comprehensive management services to ensure this hardware stays optimal at all times. Using Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6e and both Multi and Single mode fibers and transceivers ensures that your business has a network built on hardware that is customized for your needs to go beyond a simple network solution.

All of our services are manufacturer certified and supported, and we ensure that all of our fiber optic cabling installations and hardware are industry standard compliant. We do not support port splitting, which is not supported by hardware manufacturers and can often be an unprofessional solution to a network problem. We stand by industry standard and only install and certify networks that are not in violation of telecommunication standards.