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Nordex Network Cabling

Nordex is a market leading company that provides cabling hardware specialized for business offices. Using products that are optimized for a business environment can often save you money while providing a more reliable cabling network. Consolidated Datacom offers professional services that provide comprehensive cabling solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our staff is experienced in developing new cabling projects as well as certifying previously existing systems build with Nordex hardware.

Using manufacturer compliant Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6e cables, we work to make your life easier by providing you with the tools for succeed in the competitive business market. Having a well optimized communications network can be a valuable asset for both your staff and clients. With over fourteen years experience building networks, we know exactly what type of hardware will be most beneficial for your organization. All of our installs are industry certified and guaranteed to last while providing you with unparallel network speeds and efficiency.

Call now to find out how Consolidated Datacom can develop the perfect solution for your network infrastructure using Nordex products. Let us boost your company’s speed and versatility by giving your staff a market leading communications network.

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