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Project Management

Using trained professionals to manage and develop your communications network can be an effective solution for your companies needs. Telecommunications networks are often difficult to maintain and must be kept at peak efficiency to be effective in the business environment. Having a fast and secure communications network is essential for both your staff and clients. Consolidated Datacom is experienced in providing expert project management to large and small businesses across the Lower Mainland.

We offer comprehensive project management services that allow you to concentrate on your business while we maintain your business networks. This can save your company valuable time and money while allowing you to keep your business running smoothly at all times. Our services are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and our certified technicians will ensure that our services are professional and prompt. We ensure that all cabling and hardware is kept industry standard and certified as well as up to date.

Having a contracted project management technician has numerous advantages, one of which being the tendency to reduce overhead costs while maintaining services. All of our hardware is purchased from affiliate wholesale providers, which means we guarantee competitive pricing for cutting edge hardware and wiring. Our staff is motivated to complete projects under budget if possible, and all costs are recorded and justified.

Consolidated Datacom is the perfect solution to your business needs, and can provide effective project management services. Call now to find out how we can aide in the success of your business and help you reach your goals in the competitive business environment.