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We specialize in building extensive telecommunication networks that are developed from the initial design to be reliable and efficient. Part of creating an effective PBX phone network is using market leading hardware that is known to be secure and industry compliant. Avaya offers professional solutions for phone pbx hardware, and is a leader in progressive and cost-effective business products. Consolidated Datacom guarantees that our telecommunication networking solutions are unparallel in the industry, and the use of market leading products is testament to that.

Consolidated Datacom also offers comprehensive management services that allow you to keep your Avaya PBX phone network running at peak efficiency at all times. This will create a professional environment for your staff and clients, and promote company growth. Our consultants our available to start developing the perfect solution for your business needs using Avaya technology during all business hours.

Call now to find out how Consolidated Datacom can provide a professional PBX phone system using Avaya hardware and products.

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