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Mitel Phone System

Mitel is a leading provider of reliable and efficient PBX phone hardware for large and small business officers. Their products are proven to be a cost-effective solution when developing a stable PBX network, which is why they are among the first choice of products used by Consolidated Datacom. We guarantee our clients effective PBX phone networks that will boost the versatility and reliability of their businesses while saving overhead costs. With over fourteen years industry experience we have worked with almost every mainstream hardware supplier, and know intimately what products will be the perfect solution for your optimized telecommunications network.

Our staff is experienced installing and managing comprehensive Mitel PBX phone networks as well as recertifying existing office systems. All of our products and hardware are installed to be manufacturer compliant and organized, which can help avoid problems in the future. Mitel offers many industry leading products, which means there will always be a direct solution to your networking needs, and never a quick fix. All of our clients receive phone networks that are customized for their specific organization to ensure maximum efficiency.

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  • Mitel installation and configuration

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