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A well built and maintained PBX phone network can be a valuable asset to any business. Consolidated Datacom provides the services needed to build reliable and versatile communications networks to businesses of all sizes. We use only market leading and proven hardware when developing a PBX system solution, and ensure that all of our solutions are built to last. Nortel is a well established and widespread distributer of hardware designed for company offices. Their products are known to be user friendly and also require less direct maintenance. This is why when Consolidated Datacom is designing a network for your business; we make use of the advantages Nortel products provide.

Our staff has over fourteen years experience in the telecommunications industry, which means we know which products fit a project. We ensure that all our PBX phone networks are built with optimization specific to your company. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing your business with the tools it needs to have an effective communications network. This will ensure that both your clients and staff benefit from industry leading telecommunications technology, which can be a huge advantage over competitors.

Call now to find out how Consolidated Datacom can build a comprehensive PBX phone network using Nortel products and hardware.

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