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Having a professionally installed and maintained PBX phone network can greatly increase the versatility and productivity of your business. Consolidated Datacom uses only the best hardware available when building your telecommunications network, and we guarantee all of our products are manufacturer compliant and certified. Toshiba offers market leading products that are known for reliability and stability in a business office environment, which is why they are the ideal choice when our company designs a PBX phone network for an organization of any size.

Our staff of professional technicians have over fourteen years experience in the telecommunications industry and strive to build phone networks that last. Our goal is to provide your business with the tools it needs to improve the usability for both staff and clients. Toshiba PBX phones are not only excellent products, but also compliant with almost any industry certified office communications network. This will give you the versatility you strive for in a business market while reducing maintenance costs and time invested.

Call now to find out how our certified consultants can work with you to develop a Toshiba PBX phone system that boosts all aspects of your business.

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