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VOIP and Phone systems Programming

Voice Over Internet Protocol or “VOIP” is an effective way for any business to connect their staff and clients. Consolidated Datacom is experienced in installing and optimizing VOIP phone systems for large and small businesses. Our professional staff is certified to setup and maintain VOIP networks in a competitive business environment and work to meet and exceed your company’s goals. Having a VOIP phone system compared to conventional phone networks can offer numerous advantages such as:

Decreased Prices:

Using a VOIP phone system can often be a much cheaper alternative to standard phone lines and can decrease overhead pricing. Long distance phone calls, which can often be a frustrating expense, are no longer an issue with a VOIP network. Consolidated Datacom can help you optimize a VOIP system that is the perfect fit for your organization.


Using a VOIP phone system gives you portability worldwide, which can be a valuable asset for businesses that need work offsite or meet with clients internationally. We ensure that this versatility is available with the same security and convenience of a conventional phone system.

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